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All homes in Streeterville have a condo or co-op apartment form of ownership. There are no houses in Streeterville. Click below to see the Streeterville condos and co-op apartments for sale in your desired price range. You can narrow the results by internal and external features.

$3M & Above $2M to $3M $1.5M to $2M $1M to $1.5M
$900K to $1M $800K to $900K $700K to $800K $600K to $700K
$500K to $600K $400K to $500K $300K to $400K $200K to $300K


222 E Chestnut 260 E Chestnut 161 E Chicago 175 E Delaware
200 E Delaware 201 E Delaware 227 & 237 E Delaware 600 N Fairbanks Ct.
240 E Illinois 179 E Lake Shore 189 E Lake Shore 199 E Lake Shore
209 E Lake Shore 219 E Lake Shore 229 E Lake Shore 474 N Lake Shore
505 N Lake Shore 530 N Lake Shore 600 N Lake Shore 680 N Lake Shore
840 N Lake Shore 860 & 880 N Lake Shore 900 & 910 N Lake Shore 990 N Lake Shore
999 N Lake Shore 415 & 445 E North Water 211 E Ohio 400 E Ohio
180 E Pearson 250 E Pearson 270 E Pearson 159 E Walton Place
210 E Walton Place 221 E Walton Place 232 E Walton Place 233 E Walton Place