Chicago condos with a basketball court

A recent encounter with a home buyer looking for a condo for sale in Chicago with a basketball court made me realize how difficult it is to find such condos. Unlike other common recreation amenities like swimming pools, exercise rooms and tennis courts there’s no easy way to search in Chicago’s multiple listing system (MLS) for condos with basketball courts.

So I researched condo listings that mention basketball courts, filtered out the ones that are only near basketball courts and arrived at the list below. Links are provided to those condo buildings I’ve written about.

Half Basketball Court Photo

Basketball courts are 1/2 courts in Chicago condos

I also discovered that the type of basketball court provided varies by location. Downtown condos are more likely to have indoor basketball courts. Condos farther from downtown are more likely to have outdoor basketball courts. All of the courts are 1/2 courts.


The AquaLoop - New East Sideindoor
1555 N AstorGold Coastoutdoor
The Grand OhioStreetervilleoutdoor
Grand PlazaRiver Northindoor
Haberdasher Square LoftsWest Loopindoor
Harbor PointLoop - New East Sideindoor
2020 N LincolnLincoln Parkoutdoor
Park Place TowerLakeviewoutdoor
3930 N Pine GroveLakeviewoutdoor
400 E RandolphLoop - New East Sideindoor
1212 N WellsOld Townoutdoor

If you know of a condo with an basketball court that I’ve missed, please let me know! Leave a comment or send me an email.


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