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Apartment LeaseYesterday I was texting on Twitter (franbailey) with a woman who will be moving here with her husband from Miami in a few months. They’ll initially be renting and then plan to buy a home. I’ve been hearing from a lot more people relocating to the Chicago area that plan to rent for the first year so I thought I’d put together a list of good places to look online for rentals. The majority of Chicago area rentals are not listed in the multiple listing system, so these sites will give you access to the most choices. – Lots of choices in Chicago and the suburbs. The search interface is very structured.

Chicago.Craigslist.Org – Also lots of choices in Chicago and the suburbs, but a much less structured search interface than ChicagoTribune. – Primary focus is Chicago with a few listings in the suburbs. The search interface is structured as with the ChicagoTribune, but it does also let you search by keywords.

Renters will also find helpful information in my Relocation and Transportation pages.

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