Chicago’s top 10 elementary schools and their locations

Last Monday I provided a map of the Top 5 Chicago High Schools based on the Illinois Standards Achievement Tests (ISAT) 2010 rankings released the previous weekend. Here’s a map of the Top 10 Chicago Elementary Schools based on 2010 ISAT rankings by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Map of the Top 10 Chicago Elementary Schools Based on 2010 ISAT Scores

  • Decatur in West Ridge was at the top of the rankings.
  • Keller in the Mount Greenwood ranked 2nd.
  • Lenart in Chatham ranked 3rd.
  • Edison in Albany Park ranked 4th.
  • Skinner in Near North Side ranked 6th.
  • McDade in Chatham ranked 7th.
  • Poe in Pullman ranked 9th.
  • Lincoln in Lincoln Park ranked 14th.
  • Bell in the North Center ranked 29th.
  • Oriole Park in Norwood Park ranked 32nd.

All of these schools with the exception of Oriole Park use tests to select some or all of their students. Thus, residing in a home in one of these areas does not guarentee that children can attend these schools.


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