Chicago’s top 10 elementary schools and their locations

Last Monday I provided a map of the Top 5 Chicago High Schools based on the Illinois Standards Achievement Tests (ISAT) 2010 rankings released the previous weekend. Here’s a map of the Top 10 Chicago Elementary Schools based on 2010 ISAT rankings by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Map of the Top 10 Chicago Elementary Schools Based on 2010 ISAT Scores

  • Decatur in West Ridge was at the top of the rankings.
  • Keller in the Mount Greenwood ranked 2nd.
  • Lenart in Chatham ranked 3rd.
  • Edison in Albany Park ranked 4th.
  • Skinner in Near North Side ranked 6th.
  • McDade in Chatham ranked 7th.
  • Poe in Pullman ranked 9th.
  • Lincoln in Lincoln Park ranked 14th.
  • Bell in the North Center ranked 29th.
  • Oriole Park in Norwood Park ranked 32nd.

All of these schools with the exception of Oriole Park use tests to select some or all of their students. Thus, residing in a home in one of these areas does not guarentee that children can attend these schools.

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  1. Parent says

    unfortunately, not only are these schools admissions largely based on test scores, but so are the rankings. There is no consideration given to the fact that if you only accept the top 1% of students you’d BETTER get the highest test scores. In addition, before your aunt looks for schools based on this, she should consider things like: Schools with no recess, just 5 1/2 hour school days, and “teaching to the test”

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