Commissions When a Buyer and Seller Use the Same Real Estate Broker

I received an email from a reader, Pete, this week asking about commissions when the listing agent and buyer’s agent both work for the same real estate broker. Pete wondered if the commission the seller pays would be adjustable in such a situation. Mostly likely, no, for several reasons, Pete.

  • The real estate broker still has the same amount of work for each side of the transaction.
  • If the real estate broker’s commission is reduced, then the agents’ commissions will be reduced. It wouldn’t be fair to pay each agent less because they both work with the same real estate broker.
  • This sets up an unfavorable situation for buyers working with an agent with another real estate brokerage. Let’s say such a buyer and a buyer represented by an agent with the same real estate broker as the listing agent both offer the same amount for a home. The buyer with an agent in the same real estate brokerage as the listing agent has the advantage because the seller will net more with a reduced commission.
  • Note, this is not the same situation as dual agency when the same agent represents both the buyer and seller. For my thoughts on dual agency read my post “Be Wary of Dual Agency with Your REALTOR®

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