Condo Inspections

As I write this I’m on my way home from a condo inspection in the Loop. Even though condos don’t have as many components to check as houses, a home inspection by a licensed home inspector shouldn’t be skipped.

The condo was recently updated so you wouldn’t expect many problems, but the home inspector found at least 9 components that weren’t working properly. This included: a new dishwasher that wasn’t attached to the cabinets, a new vent above the stove that didn’t work, a window that wouldn’t open, and one of the fans in the heating and cooling unit that didn’t work. The condo was also missing a carbon monoxide detector which is required by Illinois state law as of January 1st.

Most home inspectors in the Chicago area will charge between $225 and $350K for a condo inspection. It’s money well spent!

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