Embarrassed at Starbucks in Lombard

Starbucks LogoI was pretty embarrassed when I met a couple of first time home buyers at the Starbucks on Roosevelt in Lombard Wednesday night. Just the week before I met two first time home buyers at the Starbucks on Lake in Addison. We had a great conversation over coffee at a corner table.

When I pulled up to the Starbucks in Lombard night, I discovered that it was a drive-thru ONLY! So much for a nice table! When the buyers pulled up in their car with big grins on their faces all I could do was apologize and hang my head in embarrassment. :)

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  1. Laura says

    Yet another example of why Dunkin Donuts rules! Not only is the coffee far superior at DD’s, but Dunkin’ Donuts would have never put you in such a horrible, embarrassing and humiliating situation. I mean, this could have cost you your clients…your job…your career…everything you’ve worked so hard for! And for what? Second rate coffee and overpriced pound cake. Now have you seen the light? :)

  2. Fran Bailey says

    No! Never! I’ll stay true to Starbucks, even if they let me down this once! Can you get a Banana Chocolate Vivanno with whey protein powder at Dunkin Donuts? No! Do they play relaxing jazz music at DD? No! Do they offer Banana Walnut Coffeecake at DD? No!

    However, if new clients want to meet me at Dunkin Donuts, I can talk over a glazed donut! :)

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