Gold Coast condos that don’t allow pets

A few Gold Coast condos don't allow pets

A few Gold Coast condos don't allow pets

Recently while at a showing for a unit at The Carlyle the listing agent mentioned to my buyer that The Carlyle has a no pets policy. That wasn’t always true.

The Carlyle used to allow pets, but after a few unfortunate incidents including a dog doing something it shouldn’t have on a pant leg of the then condo board president, the owners voted in the no pets policy.

While I have pets, I pass no judgment on those condo associations that choose to prohibit pets. It’s their building and they’re entitled to vote in any rules they want within the law.

The Carlyle is one of a handful of Gold Coast condos that don’t allow pets. Below is the full list as best as I can determine. If you know of any other Gold Coast condos (or co-op apartments) that don’t allow pets, please let me know.


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