Gold Coast, Streeterville & River North condos with outdoor pools

Here are the condos with outdoor pools in the Gold Coast, River North and Streeterville and the condos for sale. Schedule a showing online!

If an outdoor pool is a must have amenity and you’re looking for a condo in the Gold Coast, Streeterville or River North, here’s a list of high rises in those neighborhoods with outdoor pools.

Outdoor Pool at 990 N Lake Shore Drive

Outdoor Pool at 990 N Lake Shore Drive

1515 N AstorGold Coast
100 E BellevueGold Coast
111 E ChestnutGold Coast
260 E ChestnutStreeterville
1415 N DearbornGold Coast
545 N DearbornRiver North
1530 N DearbornGold Coast
200 E DelawareStreeterville
10 E DelawareGold Coast
71 E DivisionGold Coast
30 E HuronRiver North
240 E IllinoisStreeterville
600 N KingsburyRiver North
505 N Lake Shore DriveStreeterville
990 N Lake Shore DriveStreeterville
1110 N Lake Shore DriveGold Coast
345 N LaSalleRiver North
400 N LaSalleRiver North
505 N McClurgStreeterville
777 N MichiganStreeterville
33 W OntarioRiver North
757 N OrleansRiver North
1310 N RitchieGold Coast
1313 N RitchieGold Coast
1 E ScottGold Coast
1030 N StateGold Coast
1325 N StateGold Coast
1440 N StateGold Coast
1516 N StateGold Coast
100 E WaltonGold Coast

For a list of indoor pools in these neighborhood see Gold Coast, Streeterville & River North condos with indoor pools. If you know of a condo with an outdoor pool in the Gold Coast, Streeterville or River North that I’ve missed, please let me know! Leave a comment or send me an email.

To see all condos for sale in the Gold Coast, Streeterille or River North with a pool click here now and check “Pool” under Add Advanced Criteria.

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