Goofus & Gallant Listing Agents

When I was growing up I would read “Highlights for Children” when in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. The one part I’ve always remembered was Goofus & Gallant which showed the wrong way to behave (Goofus) and the right way to behave (Gallant). Goofus would play in an area and leave a mess. Gallant would pick up after himself. Goofus was rude. Gallant had manners. Recent experiences in the Loop and surrounding neighborhoods have led me to believe that I have found good examples of listing agents who exemplify Goofus and Gallant. Before describing these agents, let me say that neither is associated with my broker, Baird & Warner. Let me also mention that as different as these listing agents are, they have one thing in common. They specialize in selling condos in the building they live in.

Let’s start with the Gallant listing agent. When I called her to schedule a showing of one of her listings, she was polite and professional. She was also a good listing agent in that she mentioned that she had two other condos for sale in the building in the same price range that she would be happy to show us. She was on time for the showings. She made an effort to get feedback from me for her sellers. When there were price reductions, she let me know about them. The Gallant listing agent clearly works hard for her sellers.

When I called Goofus listing agent to schedule a showing of one of his listings, I was told that he would meet us in the lobby, but several minutes after the agreed upon time, he still hadn’t shown up. I called his office only to learn that he wouldn’t be there and that I should get the key from the desk. After seeing the condo, my buyer had several questions. I sent Goofus an email with the questions on a Saturday. The following Thursday he still hadn’t replied. I called him and he said that he didn’t get my email because he was at his in-laws the day I sent it?! He then informed me that the condo was now under contract. If he hadn’t blown off my email, he might have had multiple offers on the condo and thus gotten his seller a higher price.

My buyer liked the building so I searched the listings again and found 2 more condos priced slightly higher. Guess who the listing agent was! Yes, Goofus! Yet, he hadn’t said a word to me about the other 2 listings even though he knew that I had a buyer with a serious interest in the building.

My buyer bought one of the other condos. During the closing I was talking with the seller’s attorney and learned that when he told Goofus that the closing would be in Buffalo Grove (both attorneys were in the suburbs), Goofus replied, “I’m not going to the suburbs for a closing!” Goofus was true to his word. He didn’t show up for the closing. Further discussion with the seller’s attorney revealed that Goofus had been also been bad about responding to his communications.


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