How NOT to Stage Your Home: Disgusting Shower Floor

Dirty Shower FloorI showed a house in Glenview today that had great curb appeal and showed well until my buyer and I reached the master bath. The photo shown left is a close-up of one of the corners of the shower floor. ICK!!!

The mass of hair is bad enough, but the accumulation of crud between the tiles and around the edge of the floor has obviously been accumulating for a long time.

I scheduled the showing yesterday, so the sellers knew we were coming. This is NOT how to stage a home priced in the $600Ks! Buyers expect tubs, showers and sinks to be spotless!!!

Sellers, when you prepare your home for a showing, check not only the shower or tub you used, but the area where you brushed and dried your hair. You don’t want your hair that has been shed distracting and disgusting buyers!

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  1. says


    Some people just don’t get it.

    The flip side to this is, properly priced, properly staged, and properly clean will sell in any market. I just sold a listing in one week with 3 offers, two at full list price. What a great feeling to have a backup contract in todays market. Wake up sellers!

  2. says

    I have a collection of these photos that I use at the end of my staging class – kind of for a little comic releif. I call them staging boo-boos and the best part of showing the boo boo section is for the sound effects that the students (all real estate professionals) make. We should compare photos – I have to say the hair one is a definite “eeeeuuuwww”

  3. Frederick Herot says

    While I would rather stress the positive aspects of preparing a home for market a jaring photo like this once in while does make a point. My listing agent in a rush to get our listing signed “to not miss the market” convinced us to put our home on the market before we finished the painting, floor refinishing etc. We never recovered from that and it took us months to sell.

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