In Search of a Pied-a-terre in the Loop

Chicago Loop High RisesYesterday I showed studio and one bedroom condos in the Loop and South Loop. An executive who has a home in the northwest suburbs wants a pied-a-terre (a small second home in the city) for when she works late or wants to enjoy a weekend in the city.

According to Wikipedia.Org, pied-a-terre is French for “foot on the ground”. Read more at Wikipedia.Org for how pied-a-terre came to mean a small second home in the city. The pronunciation is pee-ay-duh-TAIR.

Most studio condos in the Loop are priced between $180K and $300K. Luxury studios can run almost $700K. Most 0ne bedroom condos are priced between $200K and $400K. Luxury one bedroom condos can run almost $1 million.

I took the photo on the left right before we started our showings. The high rises are on East Randolph.

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  1. Don Bepristis says

    I work in Philadelphia and my wife and I live in San Diego, but we have an extremely nice 2 bedroom two story condo in the South Loop with spectatular views of the South Chicago River and Sears Tower. My wife and I stay in the condo occasionally, but the rest of the time it’s vacant. We’re going to list it this year in the mid $500,000 but would also entertain a lease. If you or your client is interested I’d be happy to provide photos.

  2. Fran Bailey says

    Thanks for letting me know, Don! My buyer isn’t looking for that much, just a place to stay.

    When you get closer to listing, give me a call or email. I know an outstanding Realtor (besides me ;)) who is very experienced selling 2 bedroom condos in the South Loop. He would do a great job for you!

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