Lakeview condo prices rise in 4th Qtr. 2010 or did they?

The median sale price for condos in Lakeview in the 4th quarter of 2010 was $353,500, up 13.7% from the same period in 2009. The average sale price was $348,269, up 3.9%. However, I think the rise in prices has more to do with the mix of condos sold than buyers willing to pay more for comparable condos compared to a year earlier.

Lakeview Quarterly Condo Median & Average Prices
Lakeview Quarterly Condo Median & Average Prices

The median sale price by number of bedrooms was down in every category from studios to condos with 4+ bedrooms. The median sale price for 1 bedroom Lakeview condos dropped the most at 24.0%. The median sale price for 3 bedrooms dropped the least at 5.6%.

With the median sale price dropping for each of the different types of condos, the median could only rise by there being more sales in higher price ranges and/or less sales in lower price ranges. The mix of sales changed instead of there being an increase in demand.

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