Map of downtown Chicago townhouses for sale

One of my tips last week in 6 tips if you want a condo with 2 parking spaces was to consider buying a townhouse. What if you want to be close to the Loop? Here’s a map showing townhouses for sale in downtown Chicago and the surrounding area.

Downtown Chicago Townhouses For Sale (Not Interactive)

Downtown Chicago Townhouses For Sale (Not Interactive)

As you can see, townhouses in the Loop are pretty rare, but there are a few next to the Loop in Streeterville, River North, the West Loop and South Loop.

In Streeterville prices start above $600,000 and that’s for a 2 bedroom townhouse. In River North and the West Loop prices start around $400,000, but in River North there are less townhouses in the lower price ranges. In the South Loop prices start around $150,000. However as in the West Loop, many 3 bedroom townhouses are priced in the $600Ks and $700Ks. Choices increase and prices decrease as you go farther out to near downtown areas like University Village and Old Town.

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    I really like how you have incorporated this map into your blog. I have never been to Chicago (except O’hare) but now I have a full understanding as to where one can purchase a townhouse close to the Loop! I just might use this in one of my own blogs!

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