Mortgages NOW for Buyers Starting Jobs in 60 Days!

Move into your new home before you start your new job!

Move into your new home before you start your new job!

Key Mortgage Services is now allowing income from future job employment letting you close your purchase mortgage loan 60 calendar days before you receive your first pay check! This is an ideal tool for graduates from college, especially medical and law students!

Eliminate the concerns about spending money on short-term rental agreements or possibly having to live at home! Graduates with guaranteed employment through employers can close on a new home before graduation. Through verifiable income on a non-contingent offer, you can now be guaranteed a purchase mortgage loan with Key Mortgage Services and close early to better prepare your future.

Experts will tell you: Great deals in real estate are typically made when you buy a home, not when you sell!

Start today by calling me at 312.344.3279.

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Anthony Marinaccio Anthony Marinaccio is a Senior Vice President of Residential Mortgage Lending with Key Mortgage, a mortgage broker owned by Baird & Warner. For a no cost, no obligation mortgage pre-approval or to learn more about mortgage alternatives email Anthony at or call him at 312.344.3279. Learn More


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    In remarks to your question; “what is guaranteed in this economy” – While we cannot guarantee a job and the income tied to that borrower job, once the loan closes it is closed, they are guaranteed that mortgage. 24 hours before closing we verify they are still contracted to work within 60 days.
    No different from a person in an active job today, closes today on their home and is terminated from that job tomorrow; the mortgage is still in place.

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