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I am quite flattered that the Chicago Sun-Time’s SearchChicago-Homes Editor, Kay Severinsen, wrote about my post yesterday, “How Good are National Real Estate Websites for Searching for Homes for Sale?” in her article today, “This site tops for search results“.

Kay ran the same search for a house in Evanston priced between $400K and $500K with at least 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the and the She concluded that since her site returned 18 homes and the only returned 15, that her site is the “best bet”.

I respectfully disagree. The Sun-Times’ SearchChicago-Homes only returned 8 of the 13 homes I found when I ran that same search in Chicago’s multiple listing system. Thus, the site does not provide all homes listed in the Chicago Metro Area. In addition, it returned 5 multi-family properties. The search was for houses, not 2 flats and 3 flats. The search also returned one listing under contract and 2 results for the same home, one with a price of $479K and another for the same house with a price of $439K. did a little better returning 10 of the 13 homes listed. It also returned the same listing under contract and 3 homes with 1 1/2 baths, less than the 2 specified.

As I wrote yesterday, if you want access to all homes for sale listed in the Chicago Metro Area, use ;)

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  1. My2cents says

    I just bought a house a month ago and want to share my experience. While going through the house-hunting process, I utilized many websites for searching. My favorite, by far, was You have to register to use all the benefits of the site but it’s well worth it. You can search by area, zip, city, MLS number, street or even subdivision with a wide selection of criteria. You can save any properties to your portfolio (with your own notes/comments) and you are immediately notified of any change in status (price change, contingent, etc.). I wasn’t sent any soliciation emails from the site and did not have a spike in my spam box, so register with confidence. It’s the site I used to find the house I just bought! I do not work in the real estate market in any way, shape or form. The agent I used doesn’t work for Prudential, either. I just wanted to give my honest opinion about which search site worked best for me!

    Fran – love the blog! Keep up the great work!

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