Thank you, King Cafe Gourmet & Go!

I can’t speak highly enough about the staff at King Cafe Gourmet & Go at the 900 N Michigan Shops! In between showings at 180 E Pearson and 950 N Michigan on Tuesday my buyers and I stopped at King Cafe. After the showing at 950 N Michigan I realized I no longer had my purse with me! I then remembered that I had put it on the back of my chair at King Cafe.

King Cafe Gourmet & Go at 900 N Michigan

King Cafe Gourmet & Go at the 900 N Michigan Shops (photo courtesy of King Cafe Gourmet & Go)

I rushed back to 900 N Michigan and to my great relief found my purse (and all its contents) at the concierge desk. After finishing with my clients I returned to the concierge desk and asked who had turned in my purse. She told me that it was the staff at King Cafe.

I expressed my appreciation to the staff at King Cafe, but want others to know how wonderful they are as well! King Cafe Staff, you are the best!

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