The definitive source on whether home buyers need flood insurance!

Flooded areaIf you’re thinking about buying a home and want to know if you’ll need to purchase flood insurance, the definitive source is:

a. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
b. The county the home is located in
c. The seller
d. Your mortgage company

FEMA – FEMA has lots of great information on flooding, flood insurance and flood maps, but keep going.
County – I find the flood maps for Cook County and the collar counties easier to ready than the FEMA flood maps, but keep going.
Seller – Buyers should always independently verify the information sellers provide! Just like sellers should always independently verify information buyers provide! Keep going!
Mortgage Company – BINGO! If they say the home you wish to purchase is in a flood plain, they will require you to purchase flood insurance according to Chicago real estate attorney, Rachell Horbenko! They are the final word on this!

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