What to do if a Buyer’s Agent Shows up Unannounced

One of my sellers informed me that a buyer’s agent showed up at her house to show it with no notice. We had agreed that my office would call her whenever showings were requested and not schedule any showings without her confirming them. She has a dog and needs to remove it from the home during showings. I also receive an e-mail every time one of my listings is scheduled for a showing. I had none for that day for that house.

I checked with my office and found that the agent had not scheduled the showing. He just showed up at the house with a family of 4 and started to open the door as the seller realized someone was there. He gave her his card and she let him into the house. Here’s my advice on what to do in such a situation.

Have the agent call your broker’s office and schedule the showing for now or if you prefer, a later date. Don’t let them into your home until your broker has called you with the showing request.

This may seem severe, but it’s for your own safety. Just because someone flashes a business card doesn’t mean that they are who they say they are.

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