Why New Homes For Sale Should Have Inspections

Home inspector Kevin Fulara explains the radiant heat boiler to buyer Brad KraussToday my buyers of a new duplex condo in Lakeview had their home inspection. Even though they are buying a new home with a 1 year warranty, they wisely chose to have a home inspection before continuing with the purchase.

1. By getting a home inspection during an inspection review period, buyers have the option to back out of a purchase, if the issues are unacceptable and cannot be resolved by the builder.

2. Issues identified before closing on the purchase of a new home also tend to get resolved sooner. Builders are more motivated to get issues resolved prior to closing a sale. After a sale, issues are added to the list of other owner issues.

3. Attending a home inspection is also a great way to learn about a home and how to best maintain it. Most home inspectors are more than happy to explain how everything works and how to best maintain the home.

Shown left, home inspector Kevin Fulara (right) explains how to turn on the radiant heat boiler to buyer Brad Krauss (left). In cooler months the boiler will be heating the water circulating below the flooring in the lower level of the condo. Kevin advised turning it on to a moderate temperature in October and adjusting the temperature as desired during colder months. He also advised against turning the radiant heat too high as it would dry out the wood flooring.

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