Your Real Estate Attorney Can Make or Break Your Home Purchase or Sale

Most home buyers and sellers don’t give a lot of thought to the selection of a real estate attorney, but they should. A good real estate attorney can help clients navigate the rough waters that can arise between contract acceptance and the closing of the sale. A poor real estate attorney can hinder negotiations causing one party to back out of the deal.

The first thing to know about selecting an attorney is to pick one who specializes in real estate. Your family attorney may have done a great job on your will, but if he or she doesn’t specialize in real estate law, hire someone else. I learned this lesson the hard way years ago when I bought a franchise. I used my family attorney instead of an attorney who specialized in business law. I ended up hiring a business attorney to get my money back from the franchisor.

If you don’t know a real estate attorney, ask your real estate agent. We’re a good source of real estate attorney referrals since we have lot of experience with a variety of attorneys. We see how they handle contract reviews, negotiate inspection issues and conduct closings. Don’t cut corners when selecting a real estate attorney!

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