Finding Chicago condos with washers & dryers (in-unit laundry)

Washers and dryers are often stacked in condos & co-op apartments

Washers and dryers are often stacked in condos & co-op apartments

One of the most requested features my condo and co-op apartment buyers put on their “must have” list is a washer and dryer in the unit. Finding such homes isn’t always simple.

Filtering out condos and co-ops for sale lacking a washer and dryer isn’t a function that most online Chicago home searching systems provide. Part of that has to do with the fact that our multiple listing system (MLS) lets listing agents specify in-unit laundry in different ways.

Washers and dryers are included as appliances while an in-unit laundry hook-up is an internal feature. Some listing agents will use one, but not the other, so I usually create 2 separate searches.

Assuming that a high price range will guarantee a unit has in-laundry doesn’t always work either. Some of the affluent don’t find their own washer and dryer necessary since they hire someone to do their laundry.

Last week I toured a luxury condo in 1040 N Lake Shore Drive – The Carlyle where the owner had removed the laundry area and replaced it with a butler’s pantry and wine cooler. He has someone else do his laundry. Some luxury vintage buildings also don’t have the plumbing required to support in-unit laundry.

Perhaps you know someone in a building who has a washer and dryer in their home. That doesn’t mean that all other units in the condo or co-op have or can install in-unit laundry.

In 505 N Lake Shore Drive it depends which floor the unit is on as to whether a laundry-hook-up can be installed. At 400 E Randolph some units installed a washer and dryer and were grandfathered in, but additional laundry installations are prohibited.


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